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How to take back control of your negative thinking and become the fearless female boss of your own life!

Do you struggle with confidence?

Do you struggle to set boundaries or to say no to people?

Ever feel like you spend your day living for everyone else with no time or energy left for yourself?

Wanting to take the next step in life/your career but don’t know how to?


Then this coaching program is for YOU! Watch the video below to find out more


Working with [Harpreet] has quite literally been life-changing. When we started I was struggling with self belief and confidence. Despite achieving a lot in my career as a pharmacy academic, health and various work circumstances had led to a lack of confidence in myself and my abilities. Harpreet worked with me intensively on my self-belief [and] coached me in a better awareness of my strengths and development needs and taught me strategies to be an authentic and productive leader. Now I’m not only boss of me but also at work too!!!

Coaching rocks and Harpreet Chana is a rockstar!!

R Edwards, Head of School of Pharmacy, University of Wolverhampton

Access life and career coaching (at an affordable investment), specifically designed for pharmacy professionals, by a pharmacy professional so that you can achieve more and live a happier life, free from stress, overload and overwhelm.

Why Work With Harpreet?

Harpreet Chana is a qualified pharmacist with over 20 years’ experience of working across healthcare settings. At the age of 30, Harpreet found herself in a senior national role where the lack of support and development, coupled with a toxic work environment, led to her experiencing stress and burnout. Like many others, she didn't feel like she could open up about this and so suffered in silence for a number of years. The burnout then developed into depression that became so bad that Harpreet ended up on a railway bridge near her home one day, genuinely wanting to end it all.

Thankfully, she didn't act on these impulses, but it was the life changing moment she needed to make her realise that all was not okay and that she needed help.

Since then, Harpreet has turned her life around with the help of a mindset coach who gave her such a great gift that she has dedicated her life to giving this gift to others, by preventing them from ever feeling the way that she did.

Harpreet retrained in 2018 as a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and now works with individuals and organisations, helping them to invest in their ‘mental wealth’ through her training, coaching and speaking.

Mental Wealth is the building of self-awareness and self-leadership skills in order to better leaders of ourselves and of others so that we can all thrive and not just simply survive.

Harpreet’s training and coaching has helped transform the lives of thousands of people and she is regularly featured in publications, podcasts and conferences for her ability to inspire and disrupt others into taking action around their own wellbeing.


Prevention is always better than cure. And Harpreet is on a personal mission to help save lives. Let’s see if she can help you with yours?!

The Course Comprises

12 monthly modules covering the 6 pillars of Harpreet’s Mental Wealth coaching Program


As part of this exciting new program you will get:

  • 12 monthly trainings that you can access and complete at your own pace

  • Monthly Live Coaching with Harpreet where you get to ask questions and be coached live.

  • Exclusive Telegram/ WhatsApp Group with access to Harpreet whenever you need it – if you have a questions, she will be on hand to answer it!

  • A supportive like minded community of fellow women in pharmacy.

  • Accountability to make sure you are making the changes you need in order to be happier/more fulfilled.

  • BONUS - Full day face to face Masterclass with the whole community – an event sure to leave you feeling uplifted, inspired and TRANSFORMED!

"Harpreet is an expert in the pharmacy wellbeing sphere. With a unique insight into the pressures that pharmacists face, she is well placed to give advice and support. She is continually campaigning for wellbeing to be on the agenda for healthcare professionals and this has been particularly valuable to the profession during the pandemic."

T Govind – Pharmacist, Healthcare Lawyer, Chair of England Board, Royal Pharmaceutical Society


This 12 month coaching program is launching on 3rd May and will cover:

  • How you can start to change your life by understanding yourself, your thinking and your beliefs better.

  • How to build your confidence.

  • How to be more self compassionate and inspire yourself from a place of joy and fulfilment rather than beating yourself up and being a harsh self critic.

  • How to say no, set boundaries with yourself and others so that you can manage and prioritise your workload better, thereby reducing overwhelm and overload.

  • How to look after yourself and be still in this madness of life!

  • How to prioritise self-care and how to switch off from work more effectively.

  • How to overcome your fear of failure and no longer hold yourself back from reaching your true potential

  • How to set goals effectively and go after them so that you can transform your life and be ultimately HAPPIER and more FULFILLED!


All of this for only £97 a month !!

But if you act NOW the first 50 people to join the waiting list will be able to secure a space for £47 a month!

To secure your EARLY BIRD price, pay your £47 first month fee now and you will GUARANTEE your slot at £47 per month from 3rd May.


After the first 50, the price will rise to £97 a month so don’t delay and secure your place on this amazing pharmacy specific coaching program TODAY.

Join the waiting list now and we will be in touch in March to get you started

Once you’ve secured your place you will receive a welcome email, please check your spam/junk folder if you don’t receive this straightaway.

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