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Why The Mental Wealth Academy?

The Mental Wealth Academy's mission is to help save lives by strengthening the mental health of the working population




Our founder, Harpreet Chana, suffered from stress and burnout in a senior national role and like many others, didn’t confide anyone for fear of judgement and recrimination. She ignored it for years until it became severe depression and a fleeting thought on a railway bridge made her realise that she was not okay. Having turned her life around with an amazing mindset coach, she retrained as an executive Leadership and Wellbeing coach in 2018 and set up the Mental Wealth Academy to help give back the gift she had been given. 


She now speaks, trains and coaches on the important self-leadership skills she wished she had been taught when younger. As it’s through learning better self-regulation and self-management that we can reduce illness, absence and unhappiness. 


Our Vision 

It is our vision to impact a million lives by 2030 and we can’t wait to help impact yours, whether it’s personally or through your workplace. 


Our work 

We pride ourselves in delivering work that is aligned to our values of honesty, integrity, passion, fun and excellence.  

Why are we different? 

We offer the 3Ps for successful stress management and burnout prevention: 

Personal experience  

We don’t coach or train from a text book. Harpreet uses her own lived experience of overcoming stress, burnout and depression and now helping countless others to do the same. She knows what it takes on a daily basis. 


Proactive and practical tools  

We don’t rely on theory. We used tried and tested methods developed by Harpreet from coaching countless senior leaders from across the world in self-leadership and effective stress management. 


Prevention focus


Prevention is better than cure. With a focus on prevention we can deliver on our mission of saving lives by teaching heathy coping mechanisms and how to self-regulate.

Check out our 1:1 or Corporate services or get in touch if you would like to know more

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