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I’m a qualified pharmacist, certified professional coach, trainer, facilitator, international speaker and the founder of the Mental Wealth Academy


I've been a pharmacist since 2006, holding senior national roles since 2012. I have had to manage stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia since the age of 17.


Having coped with my conditions for decades, seeking help from therapists and counsellors, things came to a head a few years ago because I had been ignoring the warning signs and had pushed myself to the limit at work and at home. As a result, I was struggling to get up and face life every day.


I told no-one about my struggles for fear of judgement and recrimination, both personally and professionally. I found little support online for people who were suffering with ill mental health yet were still able to function day to day.


My GP put me on antidepressants and a 3 year long waiting list for psychotherapy, and then I was left to my own devices - as many of us sadly are.


Luckily, I was able to overcome my battles by investing in my own Mental Wealth. I worked on my self-awareness and self-development with the help of an amazing mindset coach who helped me realise that a lot of what I had experienced was a result of my own mind, and could’ve been prevented if I’d had the tools to be mentally ‘tougher’.


Many of us suffer needlessly with our mental health, as a result of negative inner thoughts coupled with harsh self criticism - usually because we're comparing ourselves to others. This, paired with punishing daily routines, leaves little to no time for enjoyment. Left unchecked, this scenario can quickly develop into mental health issues. It did for me.


I founded the Mental Wealth Academy because it's my personal mission to eradicate the suffering that arises from negative inner thoughts, or a lack of essential life and leadership skills. These are the skills nobody teaches us at school or university. They are the tools that enable us to be more confident, resilient and in better control of our thoughts, emotions and perceptions. These skills can help to prevent mental health related illness.


I also want to create more mentally positive and stimulating work environments that encourage openness and honesty around mental health and that promote healthy mental practices, both at home and at work. 

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