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6 month Mental Wealth 1-2-1 Coaching program

How to ultimately be happy, confident and live for YOURSELF

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Why 1 -2 -1 Coaching?

If you are feeling stressed/at the brink or burnout or maybe you feel stuck in a job and lack the confidence to take the next step then our program is for you. 


Learn powerful ways to take back control over your own life, to respond in a more positive way to stress, to feel in control over your emotions and to take that next step in your life or career without fear of failure/the unknown. 

Whats Included

What’s Included? 

  • 1/2 hour coaching goal setting session 

  • 1 x ELI Assessment 90 minute debrief session (CLICK HERE for more details) 

  • 9 x 50 min coaching sessions 

  • 1/2 hour coaching goal review session 

  • WhatsApp support throughout 

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Happy Woman

The Result?

  • Exude self-confidence 

  • Set boundaries (with yourself and others) 

  • Say no without feeling guilty 

  • Control your emotions 

  • Silence your harsh inner critic 

  • Prioritise your own wellbeing 

  • Take the next step in work/life and ultimately be HAPPY 

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