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What is the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment?

The ELI is a proprietary attitudinal assessment tool only available via an IPEC (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) trained Coach and Master Practitioner. Recommended by Forbes as one of the top 3 assessments that all executives should take (link).


It differs from personality profiling tests because it doesn’t ‘label’ and is the only assessment that captures how an individual perceives and approaches their life and what happens to this when placed under stress.


The ELI enables you to consciously shift your thoughts, perceptions and actions to becoming more positive and beneficial.


It will enable you to recognise:

  • your internal blocks to success,

  • your triggers for stress,

  • how your current thinking can be the cause of your stress,

  • what motivates you and

  • how you can actually choose to respond to situations rather than reacting ‘by default’.


The ELI will help boost your productivity, morale, confidence, communication and overall enjoyment in life and/or work.

What does it entail?

The assessment itself is completed online and takes about twenty minutes.


A customised report summarising the results is sent electronically, shortly after the assessment.

This is then followed up with an individualised 90 minute debrief with an IPEC ‘Certified Professional Coach’ who will discuss the results in more detail and identify key next steps.

The ELI 360 Assessment

The 360  assessment includes all of the above but in addition offers the participants and up to 25 of their colleagues/peers the chance to rate them against 36 key leadership competencies.


For more information on the ELI and the scientific research conducted on the assessment, please see this factsheet

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