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Self-doubt and low self-esteem can be fundamental contributory factors of mental health issues, if left unchecked for a period of time
If you have ever suffered from the negative voice that tells you, "you can't do it" or "you're not good enough," try out our free confidence building exercise below.
1.    Take a few moments to list all of your life achievements to date. These could be big life events such as marriage or graduating or other things such as running 10km, winning a competition etc. Try to aim for at least 20 accomplishments/achievements.
2.    Once you have done that, out of your list of 20, pick your top 5. These will be the achievements that you are the most proud of.
3.    Write your top 5 achievements on the blue coloured side of our business card (or find some blue card the same size as a credit card) 

4.    Take a moment to look at each one and then close your eyes. With your eyes closed, try to remember how you felt when experiencing these events. What emotions, feelings and thoughts come up for you? What did you see? What did you hear? Try to hold on to these, and savour the moment.
5.    Place this card into your wallet/purse and whenever you're having a bad day or beginning to doubt yourself, take this card out, close your eyes and repeat the above.

Remember, you are more amazing than you give yourself credit for.

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