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Corporate Services

We help you to treat wellbeing like more than just a tick box exercise 

Improve Wellbeing, Improve Engagement,

Decrease absence and attrition 


Well meaning wellbeing initiatives only serve as a sticking plaster to a much wider problem. 


Our training, coaching and consultation helps your employees learn how to self-manage

and self-regulate better.   


And it helps your leaders to learn how to lead more effectively by creating a psychologically safe and inclusive environment for their teams. 

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Wellbeing & Engagement Audit

Get a snapshot of your organisation’s current wellbeing and engagement levels so that you can work to improve them. 

Team Coaching Sessions

Group coaching sessions to help boost productivity and efficiency, enabling your teams to work better, together. 

Mental Health Awareness Training 

Remove the stigma around mental health and wellbeing in the workplace making it a safe and more accepting environment for all. 

Leadership Coaching for SLT

Help your senior leaders to become better leaders of themselves and others, resulting in a happier and healthier workforce. 

Lead Well Live Well Training

Our totally unique signature self-leadership training that teaches self-management, self-regulation and better emotional intelligence to dramatically improve employee wellbeing.  

Wellbeing Consultation

Implement the learnings from the Wellbeing Audit and take your employee engagement and staff retention to the next level! 

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