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Mental Fitness for Pharmacy Course

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‘Mental Fitness for Pharmacy’ Course:


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What Is It?
A short online video course covering the 6 pillars of my Mental Wealth coaching and training programme. Encompassing self-leadership and mental wellbeing, it is designed to help pharmacy professionals to succeed in work and at life!

Why Should I Do It?
Think of it as a mental workout – we all work out our physical health, yet we never do the same for our mental health! 

Designed by a pharmacist, for pharmacists and other pharmacy professionals, this course will help you to start thinking and processing differently. It’s the first step to Mental Wealth and becoming an ‘Inner Winner!’

What Does It Involve?
Just register using this contact form and you will get an email straight into your inbox with the details (make sure you check your spam folders!) 

Then every day for 6 days following your registration, you will get a new email with the video for that day. It is only short - 5 minutes or so and you will have one take-away task for you to complete that day. 

These 6 tasks are designed to introduce new healthy habits and ways of thinking, all to help you to become a better inner leader!

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Register now and start that journey to a better and mentally fitter YOU!

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