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Build Your Inner Leader 

Are you ready for a REAL change?

Want to feel less stressed and more in control of your workload?

Want to feel less guilty all the time and be able

to switch off and ‘leave work and work?’

Want the self-confidence to be able to push back, say no

and put yourself first?

Then, READ ON!!


Pharmacy hasn't quite embraced the power of coaching, it's a bit behind!


So many successful senior people, across all sectors,  invest in 1 to 1 coaching.


WHY? Coaching is what frees you from where you currently are. It helps you to figure out what you want, from work and life, and how to get there. Your coach will then help you every step of the way, to get what you want.

However, 1 to 1 coaching can be quite an investment.


We at the MWA understand this and so that’s why we are bringing an introduction to the power of coaching to pharmacy through our 12 week How to Become an 'Inner Winner' -  From Chaotic to Calm & In Control' training and coaching program, that is exclusively for pharmacy professionals who want to build their self-leadership skills.

Group Hike

The program encompasses what we have learnt from our work with pharmacy professionals who want to take back control over the constant guilt, worry, stress and lack of confidence they feel at home, and at work.


Over the 12 weeks you can expect:

  • 12 short weekly training videos that cover key self-leadership skills with exercises for you to work on during the week

  • 12 weekly live Q&A sessions - your chance to be coached, to ask questions and to also learn from others

  • Support, advice and accountability from Harpreet in between meetings

  • Supportive community of like-minded individuals who are all interested in personal development and self-leadership.


This program will give you the knowledge of what to do to make real demonstrable changes in your life– so many don’t know where to start and what to do.


It will give you accountability to make sure you are implementing your valuable learnings and we don’t leave you to do it alone!


We know what it takes to make that change so we support you through the process!


Upgrade your self leadership skills so that you can:

  • Manage your workload effectively – no more taking work home or working flat out all of the time.

  • Say no to people with integrity – no more taking on excess work that you can’t manage because you don’t want to let people down.

  • Drop the guilt and self-judgement – stop the constant worrying and self-talk.


  • Be less self-critical – turn some of that amazing compassion you have for others towards yourself and stop beating yourself up constantly.


  • Switch off effectively from work – no more 2am waking worrying about what you might not have done!


All of this to live a life with less stress, more happiness and a lot more work-life balance!

How much it costs:

£497 for the full 12 weeks.


Monthly payment option is available – contact me for more details at


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Are you ready to become an
'Inner Winner' and to go
From Chaotic to Calm & in Control?
Click below to get started!

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