Mental Wealth and Self Awareness

I get asked all the time, what exactly is mental wealth?? And the answer is, it encompasses a myriad of things! But today, I want to focus on self-awareness.

Mental wealth has a LOT to do with self-awareness. Being aware of why we think and behave in the way we do and using that knowledge to choose an alternative way to think and behave that better serves us.

It’s about understanding and spotting triggering thoughts that can lead you down a downward spiral of negative thinking and inertia/inaction and actually choosing to respond in a healthier way.

As much work as I myself have done on investing in my own mental wealth, I am not infallible, I’m still human! And today I was reminded of this very thing as my own mental toughness was tested…

Instead of waking up at 6am like I was supposed to, I had actually forgotten to set my alarm and so when I woke up and realised it was 6.17am, instead of springing out of bed and starting my new (2 day old) invigorating morning routine, I ended up turning round and going straight back to sleep because I felt really tired. How many of us do this every day? Set a good intention and then fail to follow through? How does it make you feel? To me, it makes me feel like a failure.

And that’s exactly how I felt today. By the time I crawled out of bed at 7.30am when my 5 year old ran into my bedroom bursting with energy, I felt exhausted.

So, instead of starting the morning with purpose, vigour and exercise(!), I ended up feeling really groggy and demotiv