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Our tailored group and 1-2-1 training programmes focus on building





Through practical workshops, a Forbes® recommended individual 'Energy Leadership Index' attitudinal assessment with debrief, and both group and 1-2-1 executive coaching.


Our training and coaching ensures that you will be better able to deal with emotional stress and challenges, both personally and professionally, and not succumb to patterns of negative thinking and behaviour that can lead to mental illness.


The Mental Wealth Academy will also build your natural leadership skills, ensuring peak performance, both at home and at work


  • We’ll increase your employee engagement

  • We'll increase employee productivity and efficiency

  • We’ll decrease sick days and absence

  • We’ll increase your customer satisfaction

  • Your employees will achieve far better results in shorter periods of time

  • Your workplace will be happier, and more fulfilled


  • Gain greater mental freedom

  • Be in control, rather than at the effect of life events

  • Be better able to deal with life's challenges

  • Bounce back from adversity much quicker

  • Become a better role model for your team, or your children

  • Achieve more of what you want

  • Be happier, and more fulfilled

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